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The animals of the World

The first year students have completed the project The animals of the World. The work started with the children studying animals according to the following characteristics:
-the environment (water, air, soil);
-how their protect their body (skin, fur, feathers, shell or scales);
-the way they move around (running, walking, swimming, jumping, flying);
-their body parts (legs, wings, fins, etc.)
In order to sum up the knowledge received about animals, the children have done some chart-based projects. What they did was matching the animals’ names with their pictures and then marking the box next to each animal according to the points mentioned in the table above.
The children were working in two teams. The working language was English. Not only did the research captivate the students, but their families as well. The result has exceeded our expectations. The rest of the primary students have adopted this idea and continued its development in their classes.

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