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International Day of Women and Girls in Science

AISU has celebrated this day by new and interesting meetings among the students of the club “Entertaining Chemistry”, which is organised and conducted by two incredible and created year 4 students – Sophia and Dasha. They look for ideas, develop plans, bring materials for the club and carry out experiments. Teacher Yaroslava and psychologist Kristina assist them in that. So, if you want to meet active and creative women and girls who are into science, join us!
The students remembered the study of the solid form of Carbon Dioxide by the help of gigantic bubbles emerging as a result of adding the solid CO2 in the solution of surface-active substances. The children called it “frozen foam”. Moreover, the kinetic sand that the girls made with the students in years 1 and 2 turned out to be amazing! The main thing is that the children enjoyed taking part in scientific creativity, exploring new substances and having a chance to do experiments. Sophia and Dasha conduct the club every week. Welcome!

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