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The preschoolers are studying Ukrainian traditions

Folk traditions are experience, customs, viewpoints, tastes, norms of behaviour, which have been formed troughout the ages and passed on through generations. Our juniors are learning to respect the elders, take care of each other and celebrate special occasions.
National customs, being fixed norms of behaviour, are closely related to traditions. Customs are customary, accepted and necessary. Our children are learning to greet each other, to pay visits and to treat others with respect, etc.
Studying ethnography, our students come to the understanding that every people (Ukrainians included) has customs that all people share. The students are also discovering traditions, folk wisdom and folk art when they are singing and listening to songs, read fairy-tales, learn proverbs and sayings, play folk games and solve riddles etc.
The preschoolers broaden their perspective on folk crafts learning about traditional embroidery, Petrykivka paintings and Yavorivska toys. Thus they get the idea of the diversity of Ukrainian people.

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