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Distance Learning at AISU

From the first days of quarantine, AISU organized online distance learning. Lessons and classes for the zero grade begin on time. Students are coordinated by class teachers, the psychologist and the school administration. Each teacher adapted their program and projects to the online format, and the children study from home in Skype conferences with the whole class. In addition, students receive individual lessons.
Each unit of the school has its own communication format. For example, elementary school students receive assignments every day after the lessons, then complete them on their own or with the help of a teacher who is in touch with both students and their parents 24/7. Middle and high school students receive a weekly program. The program contains both the lesson plan and homework. Individual consultations help students to understand the material better. To help preschoolers who are at home with their parents, educators develop a program for the child for the whole day. Starting with physical education, to the games and activities, and finishing with a discussion of fairy tales or cartoons.
The “Health Service” works to help children always be in a good mood and know everything about staying healthy.

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