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AISU joined International Day of Happiness on Friday March 20!

During the day, the students had to go through 5 steps:

Step 1 Take an online survey with Health Service Chat and then find out if you are a happy person.

Step 2 Take part in a school flashmob: “Give Happiness.”  We should have congratulated as many people as possible on the Happiness Day. This could be done through postcards, phone and skype calls, text messages, sending positive videos of happiness on social networks to friends, family and acquaintances, etc.

Step 3 Students participated in the video contest. To do this, they had to tell what happiness is for them on the video.

Step 4 In each class there was an online meeting with the elements of the training Secrets of Happiness.

It took place in a Skype group called Health Service, which was created to preserve the physical and mental health of students at school. During the event, students learned interesting facts about happiness, listened to the experts’ opinion (School nurse Mrs Natalya told how feeling of happiness affects the physical state of health, Sport teacher Mr Andriy prepared an interesting presentation “How sports and physical activity trigger the mechanisms of producing the hormone of happiness”,  practical psychologist Mrs. Christina shared secrets from psychologists – the exercise “Give a smile to yourself and others”, through which brain neurons can receive a signal that a person is happy). Also, participants of the event watched videos of “Happiness is ..”, which were sent to the competition by students of the school. At the end of the class, everyone made “plates of Happiness”, on which each student shared their own recipes of happiness and thoughts that can really be done in order to be happy personally and make others happy.In these difficult days that the world is now experiencing, this meeting has never been more important to our children, teachers and parents, some of whom were also present with us.Learning how to enjoy the little things is not so difficult for each of us. Happiness and joy are twins. It’s easier for you to receive more, if you are content with the little you have.

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