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A lesson with an author of a book?

Yes, it is true. Our five graders got into a book by a young modern writer Oksenia Burlaka. Ms Viktoria, a teacher, did not expect her students to be so fascinated with the modern narrative for teenagers. The daily discussions, expectations of new adventures and predicting the ending of the story were so captivating that had an unexpected outcome. The students themselves found the author of the book and commenced correspondence with her.

Nobody expected that Ms Oksenia would agree not only to simply meet the students, but to take part in a lesson online. It was exciting to prepare for this event. At last, the meeting took place. The novel had been read and it was not only the teacher, but the author of the favourite novel in front of the students.

The meeting was amazing. The students analysed the novel and expressed their thoughts about the characters, got to know about their prototypes and the possibility of the continuation of the story.

We are looking forward to the continuation as well.

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