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Can herbs strengthen the immune system?

Today our preschoolers, who continue their education got acquainted with medicinal plants. The children studied their properties, considered their structure, and studied their health benefits. After the theory, the children and their families moved on to the practical part. We started with making raspberry tea. It was interesting for everyone and of course, delicious. Everyone learned that raspberries are not only beautiful and delicious, but also useful. Especially to strengthen the immune system. The word immunity turned out to be familiar to our preschoolers. The children unanimously replied that it was their health.

During the tasting of raspberry tea, the children said that it was better to drink it warm and especially when you feel the symptoms of a cold. And it is useful for disease prevention because it has a lot of vitamins such as A, B, C, E.

The lesson was useful and delicious. Drink raspberry tea!

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