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Why do you need to draw?

Today, almost all children in the world study remotely. Students and pupils of our school continue to improve their skills in all activities.

But today all is  about Art lessons at AISU. It’s no secret that all children love to draw and these lessons  help to relax, develop creativity, increase creativity and reveal the uniqueness of each. Art lessons at AISU diversify and simply paint the child’s world, and especially in quarantine. The pictures of our children are a reflection of their creativity and a revelation of a sense of beauty. Our students and pupils develop logical thinking, abstract imagination, as they learn to reflect the world around them in 2D space on paper with the help of drawing. Let’s admire the drawings of our children. How each of our students reflects the same topic in their own way. You can see everyone in another world, discover new keys for their development looking at each picture. Also, in one of the photos we see AISU students that draw together. Of course we miss this fact, we miss each other very much.

We are the AISU family.

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