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Is repetition considered boring?

Students of the 5th grade of AISU school don`t agree with you at all! Today, they began to repeat the material in an unusual and very interesting way they made a test online, with the help of Yaroslava Tarasova and the tool Learning Apps. How did this happen?

In the lesson, everyone diligently searched for the most difficult problems and examples of the 5th grade of  Math course, the task was to chose 2-3 examples and solved them themselves. The students unnoticed how fast and diligently they did this. Otherwise, it was necessary to have time to transfer them into electronic form to pass the test online. Some of the students tried to insert a simple task, another approached it more vigorously. To tell the truth, the best way to understand something perfectly is to try to explain it to others.

Our students were extremely motivated by the fact that this Math game will be used by their friends from the 4th grade when they graduate from the 5th grade, and also students from other schools who are already planning to transfer to our school next school year. We always have interesting lessons, for other students who enters our school, this test can be used as an entrance to the AISU school, to test their level of knowledge.

What happened to us after an unusual Math lesson you can see using this link and who wants to come to our school will able to play and see what tasks our students like, also  test your Math knowledge. Look , what  have we done and join us!

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