Приватна американська школа і університет AISU +38 (067) 350-25-02
+38 (067) 3-502-502 +38 (067) 3-502-502

AISU infrastructure

Swimming pool with ozonic purification of chlorine-free water

Orthopedic furniture

Modern interactive boards

Video control system and security

Library of 100 square feet

Sports ground

Children's playground

Private kitchen

The school mission

The main goal of the American International School and University in Ukraine is to create a society, which promotes education of curious, intelligent, and caring personalities.

We motivate pupils to get a world-class education and inspire them to be active and compassionate, have intercultural understanding and respect, and be ready for lifelong studying.

The school vision

AISU supposes that acquiring knowledge is to become a conscious process, which develops pupils in a challenging teaching environment and enables them to realize their capabilities.

To become successful members of the world community pupils should acquire necessary competencies; afterward, pupils will be able to meet challenges of modernity with confidence and purposefulness.