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Private school – AISU. Many benefits and private schools from AISU at the following addresses:

Kiev, Dragomanova 1-V, AISU
Khodosovka village, Feodosia Pechersky STR., 55

Your child’s future begins here!

Dear parents, AISU private school invites you to join our friendly family and open up new opportunities and prospects for your child! We know how important it is to create a favorable environment for the development and success of your family, so we invite you to get acquainted with the advantages of our private school:

  • innovative approach to learning: AISU uses the most modern methods and technologies, which allows us to follow global trends in education, adapt them to the needs of our students and ensure high quality of Education.
  • individual approach: each child is unique, so we pay special attention to the development of their abilities, taking into account their personal characteristics and needs.
  • bilingual training. The school is part of the network of World Schools of the international baklavrat. allows students to feel comfortable in a multilingual world; gives them the opportunity to get an education in a foreign language without losing touch with their native language; expands their thinking, teaches the art of analysis. Bilingual programs allow a person not to be afraid of the barrier of not understanding a foreign language and make students more adapted to learning other languages, develop speech culture, and expand the lexical vocabulary. Learning in several languages at once contributes to the development of communication skills, memory, makes the student more mobile, tolerant, flexible and liberated, and therefore more adapted to difficulties in a multi-faceted and difficult world.
  • personal development: we believe that your child’s success depends on the harmonious development of their intellectual, creative and social skills. Therefore, AISU organizes various events, projects and clubs for the comprehensive development of students.
  • Sports and healthy lifestyle: AISU takes care of students ‘ physical development by offering sports sections and providing healthy meals in the school cafeteria. Our sports activities are aimed at developing team spirit and endurance, which will be useful in life.
  • learning foreign languages: we offer learning English, German and French, which guarantees a successful career in any field.
  • highly qualified teachers: our team of teachers consists of highly educated and experienced specialists who will teach your child to think critically and find creative solutions. Among the teachers of the educational institution are native speakers, accredited IP specialists, certified specialists according to international standards.
  • safe learning environment: we are talking about the safety of our students, so AISU is provided with modern video surveillance and security systems, certified shelter.
  • harmonious cohabitation: at AISU, we strive for balanced personal development, fostering tolerance, empathy and cooperation between students.
  • active cooperation with parents: we believe that successful education is possible only through a fruitful partnership between the school and the family. Therefore, we regularly hold meetings with parents and daily communication on the School today platform to work together on the development of our students. Tutors of the school provide professional support.
  • Great opportunities after graduation: AISU graduates enter leading Ukrainian and foreign universities, conquer successful career heights and become worthy representatives of our country in the world.
  • innovative technologies: AISU uses modern technologies in the educational process, including interactive whiteboards, robotics and computer modeling, which helps students develop the skills needed in the modern world.
  • mentoring program: experienced teachers and successful graduates of the school support students in their academic and career ambitions by offering mentoring and assistance in finding internships and jobs.
  • environmental awareness: we understand the importance of caring for the environment, so AISU conducts environmental projects and campaigns to collect secondary raw materials aimed at fostering an ecological culture.
  • social activities: AISU students are actively involved in volunteer work, charity events and social projects that form a responsible civic attitude and help them realize themselves as leaders and agents of change.
  • interaction with the local community: AISU actively interacts with the local community and participates in various social projects. Parents who join these projects together with the school can get additional discounts on their children’s education.
  • loyalty and Referral Program: AISU evaluates parent loyalty and offers referral bonuses for recommending new students to school. Parents can get a discount on their child’s education or additional services from the school for each successful recommendation.
  • excursions and cultural events: AISU organizes trips to historical sites of Ukraine, visits to museums and theaters, as well as an international exchange of students, which contributes to a better understanding of the cultures and traditions of different peoples.

Profitable programs for parents: Finance, money, discounts and cooperation

  • financial support: AISU understands that quality education can be worthwhile, so we offer various types of financial support for families experiencing financial difficulties. This may include discounts, scholarships, and a study loan.
  • refund program: AISU offers a unique refund program for parents who are actively involved in school life, helping to organize events, attract new students and other volunteer projects. A partial refund of tuition fees can be applied as a discount for the next academic year.
  • money follows the child: AISU offers a special program in which the funds paid by parents for education are partially invested in the development of individual needs and interests of the child. This may include additional lessons, preparation for Olympiads, specialized courses, etc.
    flexible payment options: AISU offers a variety of payment plans, including monthly, quarterly and annual payments, as well as discounts for families with multiple children and the possibility of receiving scholarships for talented students.
  • discounts on family packages: for families with several children studying at AISU, special discounts on family packages are offered, which allows you to significantly save on the education of all children.
  • Partner Program with private kindergartens: AISU cooperates with private kindergartens, offering discounts on admission and the first years of study for children who have already studied in these institutions.
  • discounts on medical services: AISU cooperates with leading medical institutions, which allows parents to get discounts on medical services for their children, such as vaccinations, routine checkups and consultations with doctors.

Opportunities of our school

  • free pre-admission consultations: AISU invites parents and their children to individual consultations, where you can learn more about the curriculum, meet teachers and visit our campus.
  • personal curator: after signing a contract with the school, your child will be assigned a personal curator who will help you find the best curriculum and provide ongoing support during your studies.
  • partnerships with universities and companies: AISU actively cooperates with leading universities and companies, which allows students to provide internships, internships and employment opportunities after graduation. This opens up huge opportunities for realizing students ‘ professional ambitions.
  • exclusive special programs: AISU offers exclusive special programs such as language courses, summer camps, Studios in foreign schools and participation in international competitions. These programs allow students to strengthen their skills, broaden their horizons, and meet peers from different countries.
  • summer camp with a discount: parents who have signed a contract with the school can take advantage of a discount on the AISU summer camp, where children will spend an unforgettable time playing sports, creativity and learning foreign languages.
  • parent club: AISU creates a community of parents that conducts regular meetings, seminars and trainings on various aspects of raising and developing children, as well as organizes joint events and excursions for students and their families.
  • prom and album: after successful graduation, AISU organizes the prom and edition of the prom
  • individual approach to learning: AISU develops curricula that take into account the individual needs and interests of each student, which allows children to develop at their own pace and receive proper attention and support.
  • open doors: AISU regularly holds “open days” where parents can visit the school, observe the learning process, communicate with teachers and see the quality of education that their children receive.
  • additional clubs: AISU school offers a wide range of additional clubs that are included in the contract, in particular music, art, sports, theater, programming, etc. It helps children discover their talents and make new friends.
  • preparing for university admission: AISU helps students prepare for admission to leading universities in Ukraine and abroad by providing advice on choosing a profession, preparing for entrance exams, and writing motivation letters.
  • convenient location: AISU is located in a green and safe area, with easy access to public transport. The school also offers student transfers, allowing parents not to worry about getting to and from school.
  • integration with international educational programs: AISU offers participation in international educational programs, such as IB, Cambridge, and A-Level, which provides graduates with free admission to top Ukrainian and international universities.
  • career counseling: AISU offers career counseling for high school students to help them identify their professional interests and properly prepare for their choice of educational institution and future career. Career counseling experts help students identify their strengths, plan their career path, and choose the best opportunities for learning and professional development.
  • mentoring program: AISU has developed a mentoring program that focuses on collaboration between students and experienced professionals in various fields. This app helps students gain useful tips and practical experience, and increases their chances of successful employment after graduation.
  • after-school support: AISU continues to support its graduates after-school by providing them with access to school resources, the opportunity to participate in aluminum programs, collaboration with career consultants, and other benefits. This helps graduates successfully adapt to life after school and reach their potential.
  • online education: AISU offers online learning opportunities for those students who are unable to attend school in person for various reasons. This allows children to continue their studies regardless of the circumstances and access all AISU educational resources in a convenient and efficient way.

AISU Private School strives to provide proper conditions and all possible support for the successful development and education of its students. Favorable offers for parents demonstrate flexibility, an understanding of the needs of the family and a desire to cooperate with parents to achieve a common goal – to create the best conditions for the learning and development of each child. The application of such proposals aimed at family support, financial benefits and creating opportunities for development allows AISU to strengthen the trust of parents and strengthen the school’s reputation as a reliable partner in preparing the younger generation for the future.

A little history about the origin of our school…

History-the school was created by Alexander Gromyko, in particular for his children who study at the school.

The idea of creating such a private school was born in the minds of a group of well-known Ukrainian entrepreneurs and teachers who decided to create an educational institution that will be different from traditional private schools. The aim of AISU was to provide quality education, development of creative abilities and formation of conscious citizens. the school was founded in 2015 and since then has been offering a high-quality, international approach to education, while preserving national traditions.

One of the key features of AISU is the introduction of innovative technologies in the educational process. According to modern international standards, AISU private school actively uses interactive and electronic learning tools. In addition, an individual approach to each child is provided, and the selection of teachers is carried out according to high criteria of competence and professional training.

private schools, such as AISU, play an important role in raising children with an international vision. AISU has special programs that allow students to obtain international certificates, which open up wide opportunities for further study abroad. In addition to the standard Ukrainian curriculum, students of the AISU private school learn English at a level that allows them to work successfully in an international environment.

The AISU private school focuses on developing critical thinking, communication and leadership skills. Students are actively involved in various projects, including scientific research, sports competitions, cultural events and charity events.

Private schools, in particular AISU, are often Centers for the development and popularization of national culture. AISU pays great attention to the study of Ukrainian history, literature and art. Students are given the opportunity to visit museums, theaters and historical monuments, which contributes to the formation of national identity and pride in their country.

Collaboration with students ‘ families is another aspect that sets AISU apart from other private schools. Parents are actively involved in school life, organizing joint events and discussing various aspects of education and upbringing.

AISU private school in Kiev and Khodosovtsy is a prime example of a successful education model that combines traditional values with an innovative approach to learning. This school offers children a quality education, helping them develop in a ideological and international context. Learning foreign languages, actively participating in projects, developing personal abilities and creativity – all this helps graduates of AISU private school to become competitive and successful in the future.

So, private schools, such as AISU, are becoming an important element in the modern educational space of Ukraine. Thanks to an innovative approach to learning, a high level of professionalism of teachers, active cooperation with families and support for national traditions, AISU ensures the creation of a favorable environment for the development of a comprehensive personality of its students.

We are waiting for your questions


    Important pages:

    101 advantages of a private school-AISU:

    International recognition

    The certificate is recognized by 2,340 universities in the United States and 90 countries around the world


    Best teachers in Ukraine

    AISU teachers are native speakers, candidates of Sciences, and accredited teachers of the IB system.


    All age groups of children

    We accept children aged from 1 to 18 Years: Nursery, Kindergarten, preschoolers from 3 to 6 years, students of grades 1-4, high school students of grades 5-11.


    Easy admission to top universities

    ІВ – is a global network of international Bachelor’s degree schools. The IP diploma gives you the right to enter higher education institutions of top universities in the world, mostly without exams.


    Private school – AISU promises:

    High level of Education. Individual approach to each student. Small class size. Modern equipment. Highly qualified teachers. Multilingualism of training. Innovative methods. Wide selection of items. Development of critical thinking. Development of creativity. Learning foreign languages. Working with gifted children. Support for children with special needs. Safety and comfort. Psychological support. Development of social skills. Development of communication skills. Education of leadership qualities. Sports sections. Art circles. Environmental projects. Volunteer activities. Development of entrepreneurial skills. Training excursions. International programs. Preparing for university admission. Ensuring your future career. Study abroad. Courses for parents. Regular meetings with parents. Guarantee of confidentiality. Convenient location. Transport to school. Flexible training schedule. Meals at school. Comfortable rooms. A library with a variety of resources. Laboratories for scientific research. Creative spaces for art and design. Modern computer classes. Interactive teaching methods. Work in small groups. Involvement of parents in the educational process. Development of moral values and ethics. Professional development of teachers. Ensuring a healthy environment. Develop collaboration skills. Development of analytical skills. Development of presentation skills. School radio or newspaper. Organization of school holidays. Support for talents in various fields. Strengthening academic knowledge. Preparing for international exams. Development of self-organization skills. Promoting a healthy lifestyle. Systematic assessment of student performance. Support an open dialogue between students, teachers, and parents. Possibility of support and mutual assistance between students. School psychologist. Conflict management and mediation. Support and advice on Career Development. Educational programs to attract parents. Development of personal potential. Development of emotional intelligence. Participation in international competitions and Olympiads. Open lessons for parents. Informational meetings for parents. Alumni network.

    Transfer House-School-House

    Individual and group transfer home-school-home Mersedes C,S,V Calss

    Premium food

    The best nutritionists in Ukraine create an individual diet for your child

    Digital diary

    The AISU mobile app records student progress and tracks student growth results

    Interesting experiments in nature

    Достіди природи на уроках AISU

    Learning in nature allows AISU students to see what they are learning visually and enriches their understanding of the world.

    International recognition of diplomas

    Світове визнання дипломів школи АІСУ

    Studying at AISU school gives students the opportunity to obtain internationally recognized diplomas, which is a great advantage when applying to well-known universities

    Private swimming pool

    Басейн у школі AISU

    The pool at AISU school is more than just a sports facility. It is a place where students can develop their physical and mental abilities, as well as experience the positive effects of water treatments on their health.

    Own football field

    Футбольне поле і великий гральний майданчик школи AISU

    The AISU school football field is not just a sports field, but a real stadium where students can hold tournaments and competitions.

    Sports competitions

    Цікаві змагання

    Sports competitions at AISU school are a great way to prepare students for competitions at the national and international level and develop their desire to achieve high results.


    Хореографія в школі AISU

    At AISU school, choreography is not just a dance class, but also an art that helps students express their emotions and feelings through movement

    Children's playground

    Дитячий майданчик АІСУ

    The children's playground at AISU school is equipped with special attractions and games, which allows children to spend time usefully and enjoy active recreation.

    Gymnastics for girls

    Гімнастика для дівчаток в АІСУ

    Gymnastics for girls at AISU school is not just a physical activity, but also an art that helps to develop the grace and flexibility of the body, as well as feel confident and attractive.

    Basketball for boys

    Баскетбол для хлопчиків в АІСУ

    Playing basketball for boys at AISU school helps you build physical strength and resilience, as well as feel like you're part of a sports team.

    Mission of the school

    The main goal of the International American school and University in Ukraine is to create a society that promotes the education of curious, erudite and caring individuals.

    we motivate students to get a world-class education and encourage him to be active, compassionate, show cross-cultural understanding and respect, and be ready to learn throughout their lives.

    School philosophy

    Aisu believes that knowledge acquisition should become a conscious process that develops students in a stimulating learning environment and creates opportunities to realize their potential.

    To become successful members of the international community, students develop the necessary competencies, having formed which, they will be able to confidently and purposefully respond to the challenges of our time.

    Invest in your children

    Leave a request and get a Test Day at the school. Your child check it out.

    Answers to questions

    - Choosing a private AISU school for your child gives a number of advantages: individual approach to each student, highly qualified teaching staff, modern training programs with an emphasis on the development of critical thinking and creativity, comfortable learning conditions, various clubs and sections for talent development, as well as preparation for admission to leading universities in the world. The atmosphere of cooperation and support creates a favorable environment for the development of the child as a person.
    - Studying at the private school AISU has the following advantages over the state: a smaller number of students in classes, which contributes to an individual approach; modern educational programs focused on international standards; highly qualified teachers, often with international experience; developed infrastructure and modern equipment; emphasis on the development of personal qualities of students, critical thinking and creativity; a wide range of clubs, sections and additional classes; support in preparing for university admission and career development.
    - Yes, there is an opportunity to transfer a child from a public school to a private AISU school. The process involves submitting an application, study documents, and successfully passing entrance exams or interviews, depending on AISU requirements. However, the transfer may depend on the availability of available seats in the classroom and the child's ability to adapt to the school's educational program. It is recommended that you contact the school administration in advance to learn about the transfer requirements and conditions.
    - AISU private school offers a variety of educational programs that include international standards and innovative approaches to learning. In particular, the school offers programs based on the national educational plan, as well as international programs such as IB (international Bachelor's degree), Cambridge IGCSE and A-level. The programs are designed to develop critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills to help students prepare for successful university admission and career development.
    - Yes, AISU private school offers individual training plans aimed at meeting the personal needs and goals of each student. These plans are developed taking into account the level of knowledge, skills, interests and talents of students, helping them develop harmoniously and achieve their educational goals.
    The AISU private school admission process includes several stages:: 1.Fill out an online application on the school's website with the necessary information. 2.conduct interviews with the school administration and get acquainted with the educational institution. 3.passing entrance tests in English and mathematics to determine the student's level of knowledge. 4.familiarization with the school rules and signing the necessary documents. 5.payment of the entrance fee and tuition fees. Details of the process may vary, so it is recommended to contact the school administration for up-to-date information.
    - Yes, a private AISU school can provide scholarships or discounts for individual students, depending on their financial capabilities, academic achievements or talents. Conditions for granting scholarships and discounts vary, so it is recommended to contact the school administration for more information and learn about current financial support programs.
    - Yes, the AISU private school actively helps students prepare for university admission. The school offers career counseling, helps with the selection of curricula and universities, and supports the preparation of application documents and letters of recommendation. In addition, AISU offers special courses to prepare for standard entrance exams such as SAT, ACT, TOEFL and IELTS. The school cooperates with universities around the world, which contributes to the successful admission of students to higher education institutions.
    So, students of the AISU private school have the opportunity to play sports and attend various clubs. The school understands the importance of developing students ' physical abilities and interests, so it offers a wide range of sports sections and clubs. Sports sections may include the following sports:: 1. basketball, 2. football, 3. volleyball, 4. swimming, 5. tennis, 6. badminton, 7. yoga, 8. dancing, 9. fighting, 10. Gymnastics. As for circles, they can cover the following areas:: 1. music (singing, playing musical instruments), 2. theater, 3. painting and graphics, 4. ceramics, 5. photography, 6. robotics, 7. programming, 8. chess, 9. science clubs (chemistry, biology, astronomy, etc.), 10. journalism and film shooting. Please note that the list of sports sections and clubs may vary depending on the specific AISU school and its resources. It is recommended to contact the school administration for up-to-date information about available clubs and sports.
    AISU private school creates comfortable learning and development conditions for students by developing a modern infrastructure. Here are some characteristics of the AISU infrastructure:: 1. Modern and spacious classrooms equipped with the necessary equipment and technologies for effective learning. 2.scientific laboratories for conducting practical classes in Physics, Chemistry and biology. 3. a library with a rich collection of books, magazines and electronic resources for self-study. 4.art studios and music classes for developing students ' creative abilities. 5.sports halls, swimming pool, sports grounds and recreation areas for physical development and active leisure. 6.canteen with a balanced diet to ensure a healthy diet of students. 7. lecture halls and auditoriums for conferences, meetings and speeches. The school strives to provide a safe and healthy environment for its students, taking into account their needs and interests. It is recommended to contact the school administration for up-to-date information about the infrastructure and learning conditions.
    - Yes, the AISU private school regularly organizes Open Days to provide an opportunity for parents and children to get acquainted with the learning conditions, infrastructure and programs of the school. During open days, visitors can meet with the administration, teachers, explore classrooms, sports and cultural facilities. It is recommended to follow the announcements on the official website of the school or in social networks for information about the next open days.
    Admission to a private AISU school usually requires the following documents:: 1. Completed application for admission. 2. a copy of the student's birth certificate. 3.medical card and certificate of vaccinations. 4. copies of documents on previous education (certificates, certificates, diplomas). 5.letters of recommendation from previous teachers (if any). 6. student photos (size and quantity depend on school requirements). This is a general list of documents, but the requirements may vary for a particular AISU school. It is recommended to contact the school administration for accurate information about the necessary documents for admission.
    - Some branches of the private school AISU (American International School of Ukraine) may offer accommodation options for students from other cities. This may include staying in a hostel or staying with host families. Accommodation conditions, comfort level and cost may vary depending on the specific school and availability of places.
    - Teachers of the private school AISU (American International School of Ukraine) usually have high qualifications and experience in the educational field. They often hold a master's degree or higher in the subject being taught and teacher training. Many teachers have certificates from international educational organizations such as IB (International Baccalaureate) or Cambridge Assessment International Education. Teachers also receive regular training and advanced training courses to stay up-to-date with current teaching methods and approaches.
    - AISU private school is committed to providing education for all students, including children with special needs. They can adapt the curriculum and teaching methods, but specific programs depend on the school's policy. Please contact the AISU administration for accurate information about the availability of support for such students.


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