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Private kindergartens for your child from AISU. The history of the establishment of kindergartens.

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The perfect private kindergarten for your child from AISU

Your child’s happiness is something we always care about! We want to provide our children with a high-quality education, provide comfort and safety, and create a favorable environment for developing their potential. The answer to many of our wishes is already there – private AISU kindergartens in Kiev and the village of Khodosovka. In this article, we will look at what opportunities AISU provides for children’s happiness and development.

AISU private kindergartens in Kiev and Khodosovka village can be proud of their latest infrastructure. From modern buildings with cozy, bright rooms to thoughtful areas for recreation and play – everything is designed to ensure the comfort and healthy development of children.

AISU private garden has its own private swimming pool. Maintaining a child’s health and physical development is key. Water education is very important for the development of motor skills, hardening of organismus and the formation of a healthy lifestyle. Regular swimming sessions promote the development of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, as well as help strengthen the immune system. Highly qualified instructors help children learn swimming skills, as well as monitor the safety of students during training.

Indoor playground on the territory of our private kindergarten is a safe and comfortable area for games. AISU private kindergartens have indoor playgrounds that provide children with a safe and comfortable place to play and relax, regardless of weather conditions. Playgrounds are equipped with modern play facilities that stimulate the child’s activity and development, as well as help develop coordination of movements and balance.

The football field on the territory of the private AISU kindergarten is an ideal place for sports games and activities. Football not only promotes the child’s physical development, but also helps to develop team spirit, the ability to cooperate and overcome obstacles together with their classmates.

Learning foreign languages in AISU private kindergartens starts with Junior children’s groups. AISU private kindergartens strive to provide high-quality preparation for school, in particular learning foreign languages. Experienced teachers help children develop speech skills, introduce them to different cultures and traditions. This approach stimulates the intellectual development of children and forms their worldview

Music and creative classes. Children have the opportunity to discover their talents and develop them in musical and creative activities. AISU’s teaching staff offers classes in a variety of fields, from playing musical instruments to drawing, sculpture, and theater.

Innovative STEM programs. AISU private kindergartens strive to introduce their students to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics from an early age. Through fun and interactive activities, children will be able to explore various aspects of STEM disciplines and develop their analytical and critical skills.

Large library. Having a spacious and cozy library provides students with access to a wide range of books that promote their reading skills and love of literature.

Private kitchen and dining room with balanced meals. AISU private kindergartens are concerned about the health of their students, so they offer a balanced diet that takes into account the needs of the growing body. The dining room serves delicious and healthy dishes, using high-quality products.

Game and development groups. AISU private kindergartens organize various groups to develop social skills, creativity and other aspects of children’s personality. They include outdoor and board games, role-playing and themed classes.

History of creating AISU kindergartens

Every parent wants to provide their child with the best: provide a high-quality education, create a comfortable environment for development and upbringing. It is for this purpose that AISU kindergartens were created – private kindergartens that were born out of love for their family and the desire to provide children with the best conditions. In this article, we will tell you about the history of the creation and development of AISU kindergartens.

The idea of creating private AISU kindergartens

The history of creating AISU kindergartens began with the personal experience of the founders Alexander Gromyko and his wife Olga. They were parents who sought to provide their children with the best possible education and upbringing. After a long search for high-quality preschool institutions and disillusionment with modern teaching methods, they decided to create their own kindergarten that would meet all the needs of their children and provide optimal conditions for development.

Private kindergartens that were created for themselves

Project planning and implementation since 2015

The founders of AISU started working on the project, studying various approaches to preschool education and upbringing, analyzing the best practices of foreign countries and adapting them to the Ukrainian context.

They also involved professionals from various fields: teachers, psychologists, doctors and designers in the process to create a harmonious and effective environment for the child’s development. The founders of AISU kindergartens were Alexander Gromyko, who started his project in 2015.

First successes and development of the AISU kindergarten network

The first private AISU kindergarten was opened in Kiev. Thanks to the high quality of education, innovative methods and excellent atmosphere, the kindergarten quickly gained popularity among parents. Thanks to positive reviews and reputation, the founders decided to expand their project by opening another kindergarten in the village of Khodosovka. This is how the AISU network of private kindergartens began, which continues to develop and expand, providing high-quality preschool education to children throughout Ukraine.

AISU operating principles

The main principles of AISU kindergartens are an individual approach to each child, creating a safe and comfortable environment, as well as ensuring comprehensive personal development. The founders of AISU believe in the potential of each child and strive to create an environment that will help them discover their talents and gain the knowledge they need for a successful future.

10 reasons why you should choose private kindergartens from AISU

  1. International Program. AISU implements international educational standards, contributing to the global development of the child.
  2. qualified teachers. AISU kindergartens employ highly qualified teachers who constantly improve their skills.
  3. Development of language skills. Children learn English from an early age, which contributes to their language development and communication skills.
  4. Modern Infrastructure. AISU kindergartens have modern premises and playgrounds equipped according to the best international standards.
  5. AISU ensures a high level of child safety by using video surveillance systems and qualified personnel.
  6. Educational classes and clubs. AISU organizes various additional classes and clubs that promote the development of various skills of the child.
  7. Quality Education. AISU provides high-quality education that meets international standards and ensures optimal development of the child from children’s preparatory groups aged from 3 years.
  8. Development of social skills. AISU helps children develop communication and social skills by helping them adapt to different life situations.
  9. Integration with nature. AISU provides eco-friendly learning by organizing outdoor activities and exploring the environment.
  10. Comfortable conditions. AISU private gardens have modern rooms, cozy bedrooms and well-equipped playgrounds.

We invite you to visit our private AISU kindergartens, make sure of our quality and friendliness, and become a part of our warm and friendly family. It is important for us that every child gets what they need, and parents are calm and satisfied. Thank you for your trust!

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    101 advantages of a private school-AISU:

    International recognition

    The certificate is recognized by 2,340 universities in the United States and 90 countries around the world


    Best teachers in Ukraine

    AISU teachers are native speakers, candidates of Sciences, and accredited teachers of the IB system.


    All age groups of children

    We accept children aged from 1 to 18 Years: Nursery, Kindergarten, preschoolers from 3 to 6 years, students of grades 1-4, high school students of grades 5-11.


    Easy admission to top universities

    ІВ – is a global network of international Bachelor’s degree schools. The IP diploma gives you the right to enter higher education institutions of top universities in the world, mostly without exams.


    Private school – AISU promises:

    High level of Education. Individual approach to each student. Small class size. Modern equipment. Highly qualified teachers. Multilingualism of training. Innovative methods. Wide selection of items. Development of critical thinking. Development of creativity. Learning foreign languages. Working with gifted children. Support for children with special needs. Safety and comfort. Psychological support. Development of social skills. Development of communication skills. Education of leadership qualities. Sports sections. Art circles. Environmental projects. Volunteer activities. Development of entrepreneurial skills. Training excursions. International programs. Preparing for university admission. Ensuring your future career. Study abroad. Courses for parents. Regular meetings with parents. Guarantee of confidentiality. Convenient location. Transport to school. Flexible training schedule. Meals at school. Comfortable rooms. A library with a variety of resources. Laboratories for scientific research. Creative spaces for art and design. Modern computer classes. Interactive teaching methods. Work in small groups. Involvement of parents in the educational process. Development of moral values and ethics. Professional development of teachers. Ensuring a healthy environment. Develop collaboration skills. Development of analytical skills. Development of presentation skills. School radio or newspaper. Organization of school holidays. Support for talents in various fields. Strengthening academic knowledge. Preparing for international exams. Development of self-organization skills. Promoting a healthy lifestyle. Systematic assessment of student performance. Support an open dialogue between students, teachers, and parents. Possibility of support and mutual assistance between students. School psychologist. Conflict management and mediation. Support and advice on Career Development. Educational programs to attract parents. Development of personal potential. Development of emotional intelligence. Participation in international competitions and Olympiads. Open lessons for parents. Informational meetings for parents. Alumni network.

    Transfer House-School-House

    Individual and group transfer home-school-home Mersedes C,S,V Calss

    Premium food

    The best nutritionists in Ukraine create an individual diet for your child

    Digital diary

    The AISU mobile app records student progress and tracks student growth results

    Interesting experiments in nature

    Достіди природи на уроках AISU

    Learning in nature allows AISU students to see what they are learning visually and enriches their understanding of the world.

    International recognition of diplomas

    Світове визнання дипломів школи АІСУ

    Studying at AISU school gives students the opportunity to obtain internationally recognized diplomas, which is a great advantage when applying to well-known universities

    Private swimming pool

    Басейн у школі AISU

    The pool at AISU school is more than just a sports facility. It is a place where students can develop their physical and mental abilities, as well as experience the positive effects of water treatments on their health.

    Own football field

    Футбольне поле і великий гральний майданчик школи AISU

    The AISU school football field is not just a sports field, but a real stadium where students can hold tournaments and competitions.

    Sports competitions

    Цікаві змагання

    Sports competitions at AISU school are a great way to prepare students for competitions at the national and international level and develop their desire to achieve high results.


    Хореографія в школі AISU

    At AISU school, choreography is not just a dance class, but also an art that helps students express their emotions and feelings through movement

    Children's playground

    Дитячий майданчик АІСУ

    The children's playground at AISU school is equipped with special attractions and games, which allows children to spend time usefully and enjoy active recreation.

    Gymnastics for girls

    Гімнастика для дівчаток в АІСУ

    Gymnastics for girls at AISU school is not just a physical activity, but also an art that helps to develop the grace and flexibility of the body, as well as feel confident and attractive.

    Basketball for boys

    Баскетбол для хлопчиків в АІСУ

    Playing basketball for boys at AISU school helps you build physical strength and resilience, as well as feel like you're part of a sports team.

    Mission of the school

    The main goal of the International American school and University in Ukraine is to create a society that promotes the education of curious, erudite and caring individuals.

    we motivate students to get a world-class education and encourage him to be active, compassionate, show cross-cultural understanding and respect, and be ready to learn throughout their lives.

    School philosophy

    Aisu believes that knowledge acquisition should become a conscious process that develops students in a stimulating learning environment and creates opportunities to realize their potential.

    To become successful members of the international community, students develop the necessary competencies, having formed which, they will be able to confidently and purposefully respond to the challenges of our time.

    Invest in your children

    Leave a request and get a Test Day at the school. Your child check it out.

    Answers to questions

    Private kindergartens from AISU in Kyiv and Khodosivka are distinguished by a high level of quality and comfort for children. The infrastructure includes modern facilities, comfortable bedrooms, playgrounds, sports areas, creative workshops, libraries, canteens with diet food, medical offices and areas for the development of natural skills. In addition, AISU offers interesting programs such as early learning of foreign languages, integration with nature, innovative teaching methods, development of social skills, 24-hour working hours and active involvement of parents in the educational process.
    • Identify the child's needs. Take into account the characteristics of the child, his interests and developmental needs. • Compare programs. Explore different curricula, including international standards. • Evaluation of the teaching staff. Make sure that the kindergarten has qualified and experienced teachers. • Visit institutions. A personal visit will help to assess the atmosphere and conditions in the kindergarten. • Check security. Make sure that the institution ensures the safety of children at a high level. • Pay attention to the infrastructure. Assess the availability of modern facilities, playgrounds and sports areas. • Developing classes. Find out what additional classes and clubs are offered to develop the child's various skills. • Schedule flexibility. Make sure the daycare offers flexible hours to suit your needs. • Reviews. Read reviews of other parents about the institution, it will help to form a general impression. • Price. Consider your budget and cost of services, compare with the quality of services provided.
    The cost of private kindergartens in Kyiv can vary significantly depending on the level of the institution, its location, programs, services and infrastructure. The average payment can vary from 8,000 to 25,000 hryvnias per month. However, prices may be higher in elite establishments or kindergartens with unique programs. It is recommended to visit several institutions and learn about their conditions and costs in order to make the best choice for your child.
    The list of documents may vary depending on the specific institution, but in general the following documents are required: 1. Application from parents (or persons replacing them) about enrolling a child in kindergarten. 2. Copy of the child's birth certificate. 3. Copies of passports of parents or persons replacing them. 4. Copy of the child's identification code (individual tax number). 5. The child's medical card (form 026/o), which includes information about vaccinations and a medical examination. 6. A certificate from a pediatrician stating that there are no contraindications for attending kindergarten. 7. Photos of the child.
    Both options have their advantages. Kindergarten promotes the child's socialization, develops communication skills, provides structured learning and a variety of activities. The nanny provides an individual approach, schedule flexibility, and the ability to focus on the child's specific needs. The choice depends on the needs of the family, the budget and the characteristics of the child.
    In private kindergartens, in particular, in the AISU kindergarten, various pedagogical methods are used to ensure the harmonious development of the child. Some of them include: 1. Montessori: this method is aimed at developing independence, initiative and practical skills. 2. Reggio Emilia: emphasis on creativity, research and collaboration between children and teachers. 3. Steenberg: an integrated approach that takes into account different types of intelligence and promotes the development of critical thinking. 4. Waldorf pedagogy: development of spirituality, creative abilities and social skills in harmony with nature. 5. Game techniques: promote the development of thinking, speech and socialization through games.
    Yes, AISU private kindergarten offers additional classes and clubs for children's development in various areas. Although specific activities may vary depending on the age group and interests of the children, here are some of them: 1. Music lessons: development of musical abilities, vocals and playing musical instruments. 2. Dances: classical ballet, modern dance, folk dances, etc. 3. Language clubs: learning English, German, French and other foreign languages. 4. Sports sections: football, basketball, gymnastics, swimming and other sports. 5. Creative circles: painting, graphics, sculpting, needlework, cooking. 6. Scientific and technical circles: robotics, programming, ecology, chemistry, physics. 7. Theatrical circle: acting skills, directing, stage language. 8. Chess and logic games: development of thinking, strategy and communication skills. These extra activities help develop children's interests, improve their skills and socialization, and help them discover their talents. It is important that parents discuss with the kindergarten administration the possibility of including the child in certain groups and classes according to his interests and needs.
    To receive accurate information about the schedule of work of AISU kindergartens, it is necessary to contact the administration of a particular kindergarten. In general, the kindergartens are open from morning to evening, for example, from 7:30 to 18:00 or from 8:00 to 19:00. Regarding work on weekends and holidays, conditions may differ depending on the policy of the kindergarten itself. It is best to contact the AISU administration for detailed information on working hours and terms of service on weekends and holidays.
    Meals in the AISU kindergarten are designed taking into account the needs and age characteristics of children. Children are usually offered 4-5 meals a day, including breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. The menu is developed taking into account the recommendations of pediatricians and nutritionists using balanced, healthy and tasty dishes. Regarding individual nutrition, AISU Kindergarten understands the importance of taking into account the special needs of each child. In case of allergies, dietary restrictions or religious requirements, parents can agree with the administration to adapt the menu according to the needs of their child.
    In the AISU kindergarten, the safety of children is ensured with the help of a video surveillance system, access control and qualified guards. The staff is trained in fire safety and first aid. The administration carefully monitors compliance with all safety regulations.
    AISU kindergartens support a team of qualified specialists to provide comprehensive assistance to children in their development. This may include the following specialists: 1. Speech therapist - to correct speech development and help children with speech difficulties. 2. Psychologist - for psychological support of children and parents, as well as for monitoring the child's emotional and social development. 3. Special education specialist - for working with children with special educational needs and developing individual programs for them.
    AISU private kindergartens create comfortable conditions for living and development of children. Here are some features: 1. Modern groups with bright and spacious premises. 2. Cozy bedrooms with orthopedic mattresses for each child. 3. Strict adherence to hygienic norms and rules of personal hygiene. 4. Walks in the yard with recreation areas and playgrounds. 5. It is possible to have a pool for swimming and water procedures (depends on the specific garden). 6. Sports activities and development of physical skills. 7. Interesting entertainment and cultural and artistic activities for comprehensive development. 8. Individual approach to learning using modern pedagogical methods.
    Yes, AISU private kindergarten organizes various activities for the development and entertainment of children. These include tours, outdoor activities, birthday parties and other special events. These activities are aimed at the development of social skills, communication, cognitive activity and recreation of children, which helps to create a harmonious learning environment and contributes to the overall development of each child.
    When forming groups of children in private AISU kindergartens, they are guided by the principles of age homogeneity, individual characteristics and needs of children. The goal is to create a favorable educational environment that ensures the harmonious development of each child. The number of children in one group in kindergarten depends on the age and needs of the children, but usually the number of children does not exceed the recommended norms and standards. This allows teachers to give proper attention to each student and provide a comfortable and safe learning environment.
    Yes, AISU private kindergartens provide a trial period for children before admission. This period allows the child and parents to get to know the educational environment, teachers and get used to new conditions. The duration of the trial period can vary depending on the policy of the particular daycare, but it usually lasts from one to two weeks.


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