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COVID-19. What we do for a healthy environment

  • All the participants of the teaching and learning process are subject to a temperature screening early in the day: there is a thermal camera at the checkpoint, a turngate accepting personal cards will work only if the temperature is normal (not higher than 37 °C/98,6 °F).
  • There are special disinfection mats for shoes near the doors, sanitizer on each floor and refuse bins for one-use masks.
  • Admission for parents and guests is restricted
  • We do not hold any mass events during a lockdown.
  • Outside the classroom, we use masks: one-use or multiple-use providing correct usage (change every two hours, daily washing and ironing). Primary school pupils (preschool education classes, 1-4) do not use masks.
  • Study groups and FUN workshops are held according to all security measures.

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