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Open day at AISU school. We invite you to AISU school, kindergarten, university. Excursion at school

What is an open day?

Open day at school: a bright start to educational life

The open day at the school is a special event that provides an opportunity for future first – graders and their parents to get acquainted with the educational institution, its teaching staff and educational programs. This day becomes a point of view for parents who send their child to school for the first time. Choosing a school is very important, because the right learning environment contributes to the development and success of the child.

During the open day at the school, parents and children have the opportunity to attend various classes, communicate with teachers, and evaluate the material and technical base of the school. The main goal of this event is to create comfortable conditions for the child’s future adaptation to school.

In order for children to feel comfortable, during the open day, high school students are attracted to the school, who help organize various games and fun contests. Thus, children easily escape to a new environment and find their first friends.

It is important to emphasize that information seminars for parents are held at the school during the open day. This allows you to get answers to questions about the rules of admission, the learning process, as well as get acquainted with the school’s approaches to the upbringing and development of the student’s personality.

In conclusion, we can say that the school open day is a special time when future first – graders and their parents can make a personal choice about the educational institution. At this event, on the one hand, children have the opportunity to adapt to a new environment, and on the other hand, parents can make sure that their choice is correct by evaluating the atmosphere in the school and the opportunities for their child’s development.

The open day at the school becomes an important stage in the life of every family, moving to a new level of the educational process. Therefore, you should not miss this opportunity to visit the school, ask questions and get acquainted with its features, because this can become the foundation for a successful future for your child.

How is the AISU school Open Day held?

AISU school, kindergarten and university are happy to invite students and parents to an open day at the school. This event provides an opportunity to plunge into the special atmosphere of an educational institution, get acquainted with its programs and approaches to education.

The AISU school open day begins with a welcoming speech from the principal, who talks about the mission and values of the school. After that, parents and children are divided into groups and go on a tour of the school. They will visit various classrooms, laboratories and gyms, where they can observe classes and the learning process at the AISU school.

In addition, master classes are held at the AISU school during the open day, where future students can try their hand at various subjects and classes. This helps children understand what learning features they can get by sending their child to AISU school.

Parents also do not stand aside. They have the opportunity to attend informational seminars and communicate with the administration and teachers of the school. This allows you to learn about the specifics of the curriculum, admission rules, and the child’s adaptation process at AISU school.

The AISU school open day ends with a solemn part where parents and prospective students can interact with graduates and their parents. This allows you to get feedback and impressions about the school from those who have already completed their studies at AISU. It is also a great opportunity for future first graders to find friends and feel like a part of the school community.

After the open day at AISU school, parents and children will be able to make an informed decision on admission to the educational institution. Through its openness and innovative approach, AISU demonstrates its willingness to cooperate and develop, contributing to the personal growth of each student.

As a result, the AISU school open day is an unforgettable experience that helps future students and their parents feel like a part of the school’s educational environment, learn about its features and make sure that their choice is correct.

Why and for whom is the Open Day held?

Open day: opening up opportunities for future students and parents

An open day is a special event that is held to familiarize future students and their parents with educational institutions, their features and capabilities. It is aimed at helping you choose an educational institution for your child, as well as providing comfort and confidence when entering school.

For future first-graders, the open day at the school becomes a window into the world of education, where they can meet their future teachers, classmates and appreciate the atmosphere of the educational institution. By attending school during this event, children get the opportunity to adapt to a new environment and find friends before starting their studies.

For parents, the open day at school gives them the opportunity to see the quality of education that their child will receive. They can communicate with the administration and teachers, learn about the curriculum and features of education at school. Parents also receive information about admission rules and other important aspects of their child’s admission to school.

So, the Open Day is held in order to help future students and their parents make responsible and informed choices about the educational institution. It becomes an important stage on the way to successful learning and development of a child in school.

We invite you to the AISU school

Dear parents and future students, We are happy to invite you to visit the educational institution of the future – AISU school. Visit the school to experience the atmosphere of warmth, support and commitment to learning that Reigns at AISU school.

At our school, we focus on developing creative thinking and innovative approaches to learning. We offer a wide range of educational programs that meet the requirements of the modern world and help each student realize their potential. We invite you to visit our classes and communicate with our teachers to get better acquainted with the educational process at school.

Discover a world of opportunities at AISU school! We guarantee an individual approach to each student, taking into account their characteristics and needs. We invite you to a school where your child can get a Modern Education, Learn Foreign Languages and study their favorite subjects.

Don’t miss this great opportunity! We invite you to the AISU school – a place where your child can develop and become a successful person, ready for the challenges of the future. Join our friendly family and help your child discover a limitless world of knowledge and opportunities at AISU school!

Excursion to AISU school (kindergarten)

We are happy to invite you to take a guided tour of the AISU school and kindergarten to get acquainted with our learning environment, infrastructure and unique features of the school together with your child.

Starting our acquaintance with AISU kindergarten, you will feel the warmth, care and support of caregivers who help children adapt and grow. We will visit the Music Hall, a zone for developing motor skills and a room for creativity.

We will continue our tour at the AISU school. We will attend various classes, in particular: mathematics, natural sciences, computer science, foreign languages and art. Let’s get acquainted with modern laboratories and libraries, which store a large number of educational materials and resources for children’s development.

Then our tour will take us to the sports infrastructure. We will visit a sports hall, a football field and a basketball court, where children can engage in various sports and develop their physical abilities.

We will not miss the cafeteria, where your children will receive delicious and healthy dishes designed to meet the needs of each child.

Our tour will end with a visit to the medical office and psychological service, where we will take care of the health and emotional comfort of your child.

Finishing the tour at the AISU school and kindergarten, we hope that you and your child will feel the real spirit of our educational institution, the atmosphere of support and innovation that reigns within our walls. We strive to provide your child with all the opportunities for development, growth and learning in a comfortable and modern environment.

Thank you for joining our tour! We hope that you and your child will choose AISU school and kindergarten for further learning, development and improvement. We look forward to seeing you in our cozy and modern learning space!

What is waiting for you at AISU school?

bright future, unlimited opportunities and modern training!

Welcome to AISU school, where your child will receive a high-quality education and modern knowledge. We invite you to the school, where your child will have a bright future and incredible opportunities!

Here are some brief benefits of studying at AISU school:

  • innovative approaches to learning.
  • individual approach to each student.
  • development of creative thinking and critical analysis.
  • learning foreign languages.
  • formation of cross-cultural competence.
  • highly qualified teachers with work experience.
  • eco-friendly learning environment.
  • development of emotional intelligence and social skills.
  • a variety of clubs and clubs based on your interests.
  • school-wide events, contributing to the formation of a friendly team.

The infrastructure of our school includes:

  • modern classes.
  • Interactive laboratories.
  • a library with a large selection of resources.
  • sports grounds and gym.
  • cafeteria with healthy food.
  • Green area for rest and relaxation in the fresh air.
  • medical office with qualified medical workers.
  • psychologist and social educator’s room to support students.
  • creative workshops for the development of needlework and arts.
  • comfortable wardrobes for storing students ‘ belongings.

At AISU school, your child will receive a Modern Education, Learn to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions of the modern world and will be able to decide on their life priorities. We invite you to a school where your child will gain self-confidence and acquire the skills necessary for further development and self-realization.

By becoming an AISU student, your child will have the opportunity to develop in a creative, friendly and supportive atmosphere. We believe that each student is unique and has their own talents, which we will help you discover and develop.

We invite you to the AISU school, where your child will discover a limitless world of knowledge, research and discovery. Together, we will help your child prepare for a successful future full of impressions and achievements.

Do not hesitate to join our educational community, where together we can discover your child’s talents and prepare him for a bright future. We look forward to seeing you at AISU school, where your child can fulfill their dreams and reach the highest heights!

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