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Healthy nutrition day

International day of healthy nutrition is celebrated in 50 countries of the world. AISU pupils celebrated this day in their school family for the first time. At first warm up. What does healthy nutrition mean? The quiz showed a good preparation of the teams. The teams were represented by fifth graders, sixth graders, two teams of seventh graders, a picked team of seventh and eighth graders and a team of tenth graders. There were 6 teams at all. The surprise of competition was mixing a fruit salad. Time – 15 minutes. Let’s start. A jury considered: presentation of the team, taste of a salad, healthiness of the ingredients, a salad serving, accomplishment of the sanitation and hygiene standards, a salad presentation. Event language: Ukrainian and English.

It was incredibly beautiful, original, creative, delicious and healthy. Two more quizzes and the jury was deadlocked and declared a voting on Instagram account of the school. The voting is underway. Rewarding is coming.


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