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Opening of a new branch of AISU school in Khodosivka

On the first September a campus of the private American school AISU was opened in the village of Khodosivka, located close to Kyiv. This is a junior school and a preschool, where children come for developing and learning from the age of three.

садок у Ходосовці, школа у Ходосовці, Школа Нова Конча Заспа,

The school and the preschool in Khodosivka correspond to the AISU standards. It is a place where children can be prepared under the international and Ukrainian programs for study in a high school. AISU graduates get international certificates and enter higher educational establishments abroad.

A working day in the AISU school and preschool starts at 8.15 am and ends at 19 pm. Children learn in two languages – English and Ukrainian. During the day certified English-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking teachers, a psychologist and a logopedist help children. They teach children according to the Ukrainian and international programs. By the way, all staff of the school got vaccination.

AISU в ходосовке, AISU в ходосівці

Every day children perceive the world around and learn to understand themselves on the lessons in logic and emotional intelligence in Khodosivka AISU school. Pupils can create and defend projects. They make up fairy-tales in English. Moreover, one can make progress and practise in the preferred study groups, such as: robotic science, choreography, “young chemic”, art studio, club of the talents, sport classes. There are delicious 5-time meals, for children have enough power and energy for all these things. If necessary, one can order a lactose, lactose-free or healthy menu.

The preschool and school were opened in a rebuilt building. Kids learn and play in the classrooms with the newest equipment, orthopedic furniture and soft playing accessories. There is a locker room and a bedroom with modern beds and individual lockers in each group. Playrooms are divided into playing and learning zones. Water closets and sinks were carefully chosen and installed for kids’ convenient use. There are even shower cubicles there.

AISU ходосовка, AISU Нова Конча Заспа

There is everything necessary for children’s rest and leisure on the private campus territory: lawns and playgrounds, wooden swings, steps, climbing frames, slides and sandpits. All facilities are newest and safe. Children spend their free time there with pleasure. There is also a video control system and security staff.

Try a free testing day to find out everything and feel the atmosphere of the AISU. A child will spend the whole working day at school, attend lessons and study groups, communicate with peers and teachers. You can ask any question and get a comprehensive answer.


We are waiting for you at the AISU campus address in Khodosivka: Feodosiya Pecherskoho str. 55
+38 (044) 333 70 80
E-mail: hello@aisu.school

m. Kyiv, Drahomanova 1-B, AISU
p. Khodosivka, str. Feodosiya Pecherskyi, 55


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